Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Gredown Horror Comics List update

A few more titles to add to the growing Gredown Horror Comics List:

Hell Bent Destruction
Plague of Vampires
Temple of the Dead
Voodoo 1-2

The number of titles now stands at 244.
I had previously listed a title called Voodoo Tales, which may or may not be the same title as Voodoo. I’ve left it on the list, but with a note TBC.

I have also confirmed the following issue numbers:

Devil’s Doom #3
Devil's Triangle, The #1
Grave Ghost's Tales #4
Maze of Monsters #4
Monsters from Hell #2
Phantoms of Evil #2
Pit of Evil #2
Pure Panic #3
Sorcery #4
Weird Tales of the Macabre #6
Wicked Witches Tales #2
Witches Cauldron #4

As mentioned in previous updates, as soon as the list hits 150 titles I'll redraft the master list with all additional titles and issue numbers.

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