Thursday, March 1, 2018

Gunfighter Library #10: The third instalment so far...

Gunfighter Library #10 is a further reprint of Gunfighter Library #7, and Western Illustrated Stories #9, with a new Keith Chatto cover. I figured there'd be another reprint of this issue, but I didn't know it would be a $0.65 cover price issue. Maybe there is yet another that will turn up.

In my previous post over a year ago I made reference to dates, based on AusReprints data. The information appears to have been updated in the interim. At the time I said Gunfighter Library #7 was from 1972/73, and Western Illustrated Stories from 1974. I still need more information to get a firm line on cover prices and dates from this period.

Update 12/9/2018: There is indeed another reprint of this issue:

Six-Gun Western Library #6 was obviously published before Gunfighter Library #10.
Update 1/9/2019:
Update 1/9/2019: Fast Gun Western Library #4 is yet another reprint of this issue:

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