Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yaffa/Page Presents: Night Nurse!

If you want to know what I know about the short-lived 1970's Marvel Comics series Night Nurse, well, just search for the entry on Wikipedia and you'll see almost all of it for yourself.

As for the other two things I know about Night Nurse:

1. The Yaffa/Page issue above reprints the first 3 issues of the Marvel series, omitting the splash page from #2, and;

2. According to a friend of mine (who should probably know better than to know about these things, but alas, it is far too late now) Night Nurse is something of a running joke amongst Bronze Age enthusiasts and original issues are in relatively high demand for a series which is not exactly a regular fanboy favourite.

Apparently the fourth and last issue of the series took a Gothic turn away from the previously established 'urban drama' genre, so just as it's unlikely there is a second issue to the Yaffa/Page series, it's possible the fourth U.S issue is reprinted as a back-up feature in another Yaffa/Page mystery or horror issue.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blazing Western Stories #4 and Nightmare Suspense Library #5: Keith Chatto Page Publications Digests

Here’s a couple of intrepid Page Publications digests which managed to find their way into the junkyard… A nifty pair of Keith Chatto covers by anyone's reckoning… I especially like the green tinge highlight on the Nightmare Suspense Library cover… just the right finishing touch…

The Romance Annual Series

I assumed Love 1977 was a one-shot issue from K.G Murray until I recently came across Love 1975. It appears there was a series of ‘Romance Annuals’ - presumably there was a 1976 instalment, and possibly more. Curiouser and curiouser....

Romance Comics 1970's-style

Charlton's pastel tones on the cover of Secret Romance #30, January 1975 may have been nuanced and subtle (note the colour gradation on the skin), but I reckon the comparatively garish K.G Murray rendition above is far more in tune with the pop culture spirit of the times.