Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pit of Evil #1: The First Gredown Horror Comic?

Since I began collating the Gredown Horror Comics List earlier in the year with the help of a number of collectors, we’ve been keeping an eye out for a Gredown issue with a date earlier than 1976. There were plenty of $0.40 covers with a 1976 date, but nothing earlier, so we assumed they started in 1976.

Well, Pit of Evil Vol. 1 No. 1 was printed in 1975, according to the indicia.

I suppose it’s possible it was printed in 1975 but ‘published’ ie: on the stands in 1976… but I’m happy to call it a 1975 publication! And based on a quick check it appears all the contents are from Charlton comics cover-dated mid-1975 or earlier.

With 13 issues to its name, Pit of Evil is the highest numbered and, it would appear, the longest running of the Gredown horror series – indeed Pit of Evil #1 could be the first of all the Gredown horror issues!

Speculation on the run... Maybe, maybe not... Who knows? The quest for answers continues.

PS I’ve collated a bit more more info on titles and issue numbers over the last month from various sources so I’ll be updating the list shortly, so if anyone has more data to send to me, by all means do so and I’ll endeavour to incorporate it in the next summary.


Dillon Naylor said...

STRANGE EXPERIENCE#4 has a 40 cent price and 1975 date too. It uses stories from SEABOARD mags from '75.



spiros xenos said...

Thanks Dillon. I knew Strange Experience #5 was a $0.40 cover, but no info on dates.

So Strange Experience #1 likely predates Pit of Evil #1, given Pit #3 is a $0.45 cover.

The quest continues.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with this blog! It's inspiring and informative!!

I've been working the past 2 years on a book about Eerie Pubs. You'll be happy to know that I've indexed every issue (that I know that exists... like Gredown mags, I'm prepared to expect the unexpected!) The index is 95% complete and I'll be cross-referencing and getting all nit-picky about the reprinting and swipes. Just the kind of thing we'd all like to see! Just give me some more time! PLEASE! :)

I'm in agreement about the use of Eerie material that is used in Gredowns not being bootlegged. In my opinion (and that's all it is at this point), Fass, always one to BUY artwork cheaply, made his stuff available to Gredown at, undoubtedly, a very good price. I'm eager to learn more about this possibility.

"The Demon Is A Hag" is an Eerie story that earned itself a Gredown title! I can't seem to find an issue (I only have about 20 odd issues, hard to find over here in the US)... does anyone have a nice scan I can use for the book?

If anyone wants to talk, I can be emailed at

I'm going to pose the question of how Charlton art wound up in Gredown mags on my Charlton group... if I get any answers, I'll let you know!!

Blah Blah Blah! Sorry!

Best... Mike Howlett

spiros xenos said...

Thanks for the kind words Mike.

Looking forward to your Eerie book!

I did have a copy of “The Demon is a Hag” some time ago, but I no longer have it, and do not have a cover scan, but hopefully one of our fellow horrorphiles will come through.

Any info you can share on Charlton and Eerie and the Gredown connection is welcome.