Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The other Mammoth/Gigantic titles: Young Love Romances, All Love Romantic Stories, Scary Stories Annual

I have covered Mammoth Annual and Gigantic Annual a few times on the blog, but I have not mentioned a few other K.G. Murray titles which also comprised rebound coverless returned issues.

Young Love Romances is a contemporary of Mammoth and Gigantic featuring romance comics. The only copy I have seen is the issue linked to James’ site. Presumably there are three previous editions as this is #4.

All Love Romantic Stories is a Federal Comics-era variation with cardstock covers and square binding. This appears to be on the heels of the series of the same name.

Scary Stories Annual is a Federal Comics horror ‘companion title’ to All Love Romantic Stories, being in the same cardstock/squarebound format.

Both of these titles carry rebound magazine-size issues, most likely one-shots. For example, my copy of Scary Stories Annual includes Haunted Love (I have not identified the other two issues yet). Note also the discounted cover price - there may have been two editions of this issue.

There may be other such rarely seen compilation titles.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that pricing is just a marketing ploy -- I wouldn't run with the multiple versions theory.

Comic prices at that time were 95c. Three times that is about $3... but, hey, lets mark it down to only $1.50.

spiros xenos said...

Good point James.

And I just noted that the All Love Romantic Stories on your site has the same price 'reduction' on the cover - I was looking at my copy which has both prices crossed out with black texta, so I didn't see it was also 'discounted'.