Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fear #2: The Yaffa edition

Here’s a nifty Yaffa issue I picked up this morning – Fear #2, which happens to be a facsimile reprint of Marvel’s Fear #1, November 1970.

It’s no surprise that the Yaffa edition reprints a complete US issue, I’ve come to expect that sense of order and fidelity from Yaffa.

I have no idea how many issues were in the Yaffa series, nor if there was a #1 for that matter, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a digest edition of Fear.

Also interesting to note that some, if not all of the stories in this issue were previously published in K.G. Murray issues. For example, I immediately recognized “I-Am-The-Genie!” (a Kirby-Ditko collaboration!) from Doomsday #8, as well as “Something Lurks Inside!” from Climax #12, both of which I’m sure were sourced from Fear #1 to begin with.

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Anonymous said...

I have a fear no 1,, 1970, and its the same yaffa cover. Yaffa publishers, marvel australia.