Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Superman Supacomic #7: A Scarce Gem

The Junkyard is proud to present a true gem: Superman Supacomic #7 - one of the scarcest, and thus most keenly sought-after issues of this series.

To the best of my knowledge this is the only copy to have surfaced in recent years, and I’m unaware of any other copies in other collections.

Indeed some of us hardcore collectors were beginning to wonder whether there really was a #7, so at the very least, it’s great to finally have confirmation that such a beast does exist, and put to bed another budding rumour of a missing issue.

Most of the contents would be reprinted in subsequent Australian reprints.

Superman: The War Between Superman and Jimmy Olsen!
Superman: The Reporter of Steel!
Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: The Crystal Creature
Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: Batman Meets Bat-Mite
Superman and Batman and Robin: The Alien Superman
Superboy The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy: Superboy Meets The Young Green Arrow!
Superboy The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy: The Helpless Hero!
Superboy The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy: The First Superman Robot!


mcannon said...

Ah-HA! So that's the reason #7 is so rare -it's been hoarded by all those Bat-Mite fans out there!

Congratulations, Spiros - a great find. It's wonderful to finally have confirmation that this comic does indeed exist.

Lee said...

Great find, Spiro.

This seems to be the only Superman Supacomic not listed at the Australian DC Comics Reprint Gallery.

Sometimes I wonder where you dig up these old comics - I never see them except at events like the Camberwell Collectors' Fair.

spiros xenos said...

Thanks Lee, good to hear from you.

James should be putting it up on his site soon... he did wonder out aloud whether I was tricking him with a photoshop stunt... He was just as excited by this find as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Your wish is my command. The magnificant seven has now been added at ausreprints.com.

... and I note Spiros didn't give away any secrets on where he digs these up!


spiros xenos said...
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