Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another KGM/DC swipe - but whodunnit?

Here’s another interesting swipe - take the cover to World’s Finest Comics #42, add a few additional characters in Rex the Wonder Dog and Detective Chimp, convert The Wyoming Kid to Hopalong Cassidy, a few little extras here and there, and there you have it - the cover to Century The 100 Page Comic Monthly #4!

I’m not convinced this cover is by Hart Amos. For one thing, it’s unsigned. For another, the Superman figure/linework just doesn’t look like typical Amos, even allowing for stylistic camouflage due to swiping. And even Rex’s tongue looks uncharacteristically flaccid!

However, there is a hint of Amos in Superman’s and Hopalong Cassidy’s eyes… and a couple of other KGManiacs have discerned the Amos touch on this cover… so it’s certainly possible that Amos was involved.

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Anthony said...

As usual, I prefer the KGM cover!

I like the colours better... And somehow they have added more characters without making it seem crowded.

- Anthony R.