Saturday, March 21, 2009

Planet of the Apes Sunday Observer Special #2

I don’t know if the recent earth tremors felt in Melbourne have had anything to do with shaking loose so many hard to find comics but it’s been an unexpectedly bumper period for collectors of scarce Australian comics. I can report off the top of my head from the last week or two:

Copies of Giant Batman Album #’s 14 and 16 surface on eBay;

A second copy of Colossal Comic #18 has been brought to my attention, hot on the heels of my own copy and Colossal Comic #14;

A few other stubbornly elusive (if not bone fide scarce) issues such as Giant Flash Album #5, All Star Adventure Comic #50 and Superman Supacomic #113 were retrieved in, shall we say, somewhat irregular circumstances;

A bunch of very early Superman Supacomics and similar pre-decimal material was secured in a single lot with some fellow KGM Kronies;

And now comes confirmation of the long-rumoured second edition of the Planet of the Apes Sunday Observer Special. This cover scan was generously sent to me a couple of days ago from a fellow who says he has a few copies of each in pristine condition. The date on this issue is 15th June 1975, two weeks after the first supplement.


Anonymous said...

I also last week liberated from the United States two early Superman Supacomic issues -- 43 and 64. They are complete and in reasonable condition, and cost less than the usual price for issues of this vintage, postage costs included. I think I got lucky because US buyers don't know what they are missing out on...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Couldn't believe it when I saw the POTA Special #2 header.

The recent Melbourne earthquakes are certainly generating some aftershocks and being felt in Adelaide.

Just 2 days before you posted Sunday Observer POTA Special #2, I purchased a copy through a private sale out of Melbourne!

Can you believe it? Rumoured and rare for decades then multiple copies turn up!

spiros xenos said...

Robert, we were both talking to the same seller... He said he had multiple copies... Anyway, if you'd like to send me high res scans of your issue, I'd like to see a copy for myself, and I'd be happy to post them here as I posted the first issue...