Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beatles comics

You don’t have to be a Beatles expert to know this comic was published circa 1965. Paul McCartney’s moptop is an acute enough cultural sign to tell you this was published before 1967. And if that doesn’t tell you, maybe the pre-decimal cover price for Australia and New Zealand will do the trick.

You won’t find much about the Beatles or McCartney in this romance comic, other than a passing reference to Liverpool. But that won’t worry the sub-group of comics collectors who are Beatles Comics collectors. These collectors are interested in any comics which reference the Beatles. Some of these collectors are not really comics collectors per sel, but rather Beatles fanatics who, I presume, are just as interested in lunch boxes and underwear with the Fab Four emblazoned upon them.

I’m a bit different - avowedly a comics nut and a Beatles nut, but not a Beatles Comics nut as such. Sure, I’ll pick up a Beatles-related comic like this one if I come across it by chance, but I don’t seek them out or cross them off a checklist or anything.

This particular issue was published by C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd. in London, printed by Cahill & Co., Ltd. in Dublin, and price-badged for local distribution.

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