Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Mighty Thor #1: The Newton edition

This is the cover to Newton Comics' The Mighty Thor #1:

It is modified from the original cover art to Marvel Comics' Journey Into Mystery #100:

The story contents are as follows:

The Mysterious Mister Hyde!, originally published in Journey into Mystery #99, December 1963

The Master Plan of Mr. Hyde!, originally published in Journey into Mystery #100, January 1964

The splash page to The Mysterious Mister Hyde! (or, the Mighty Thor! Battles... "The Mysterious Mister Hyde!") has been cropped at the bottom, omitting the page number and the job number X-512:

The significant modification to the story occurs on the final page:

The original story ended with a text box in the bottom panel which has been omitted in favour of a brief End Part One advisory:

This panel is scanned from page 236 of my copy of Marvel Masterworks The Mighty Thor from Journey Into Mystery Nos. 83-100, second printing December 1999.

The splash page to The Master Plan of Mr. Hyde has been similarly altered - and I don't mean as per the previous owner of my copy : 

The text box in the original page referred to "Last issue..." - scan courtesy of my Marvel Masterworks:

The poster in this issue is The Incredible Hulk from the cover to Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk #107:

This poster was also included in Newton Comics' Captain America #3 and The Invincible Iron Man #1, and the image was also used on the cover of Newton Comics' The Incredible Hulk #10. Indeed, the white patch alongside the H on the poster is where Newton placed their A Great Marvel Collector Classic stamp:

This issue includes in-house advertisements for two other Newton comics:

Newton's Giant Team-Up Annual #1 and Captain America #3 are both cover-dated December 1975.

The Mighty Thor #1 was announced in the December 1975 subscription page, and was scheduled for publication 3 January 1976. The expiry date for the contest in this issue is 14 February 1976. It appears this issue was published either on schedule or shortly thereafter.

The Mighty Thor #1 was advertised in other Newton issues:

There would be one more issue in this series.


Neil A. Hansen said...

How did you get a clean scan of that Masterworks piece?

spiros xenos said...

Hi Neil, Not sure what you mean - I scanned directly from my Masterworks edition. Bent the spine back a bit...