Friday, August 28, 2009

Panico #2, Fingers of Fear and Avenging Spirits... or, "So that's where the Gredown covers come from...!"

You may think you've seen this cover before, and you could bet your Fingers of Fear and Avenging Spirit that you have... but Panico #2 from 1978 came in first, courtesy of Vilmar ... and if you spend a bit of time browsing you will find many such samples of original sources of Gredown covers and reprint material.

I've made a start on matching many of the covers on this site to the Australian issues... It's easy to get lost on this site given both the wealth of material and the translation hurdles... But for the willing and patient, there's plenty of information on issues, artists and writers, cover artists, contents... I say roll up your sleeves, bookmark your favourite online translator (I've been using, and get stuck into it, fellow Gredownphiles!

Thanks to James for putting me onto this site... and check out James' excellent articles on Johnny Galaxy and Ringo.


Grant said...

Hello Spiro,

I have a question about an older post on Alex Toth reprints in Australian issued comics. Are they all mostly in B&W like the sample opening sequence page you posted?

If so I would love to get ahold of them, as I love looking at his work in black and white unmuddled by coloring.



spiros xenos said...

Grant, yes, all the Australian reprints I have listed in various posts are in black and white.

Let me know which ones you
want in particular and I'll see what I can do (just send me a message with your email address and I'll reply privately).