Saturday, January 18, 2020

Daredevil: The complete Yaffa cover gallery

Here's a cover gallery of my complete run of Page Publications' Daredevil:

 Daredevil #1, c.October 1977

 Daredevil #2, c.March 1978

 Daredevil #3, c.March 1978

 Daredevil #4, c.October 1979

 Daredevil #5, c.July 1980

Daredevil #6, c.September 1980

 Daredevil #7, c.November 1980

Daredevil #8, c.June 1981

Daredevil #9, c.mid/late 1981

Daredevil #10, c.March 1982

The first five issues are regular-sized, and the rest are digest-sized, #'s 9 and 10 being 'tall' digest issues.

The dates ascribed are based on available data. However, note the following:
  • #1 may be as early as September 1977;
  • As unlikely as it seems, the information to hand suggests #' 2 and 3 were both issued in March 1978. TBA.
  • I have previously been 'troubled' in dating #5, but it appears it was published c.July 1980, not early 1980 as I previously thought, despite this being the period when the digest issues had supplanted the regular-sized issues (until they reappeared... but I digress...)
  • My copy of #7 has APR written on the front cover, but it is unlikely this was published January 1981 as the indicia states 1980. Another copy I spotted had 2 written on the front cover, hence the November 1980 designation.
  •  Do not adjust your screen - my copy of #8 is as badly trimmed as it appears
Note also that none of these issues are recycled, and I have not seen any retitled Daredevil issues. I both expect and hope that one or more will eventually turn up. TBA.

This was by far the longest-running ongoing Australian Daredevil series to this point - the Newton Comics series only managed two issues in early 1976, and there was a single Horwitz issue in the mid-60's. The Yaffa series was succeeded by an 11-issue run by Federal Comics.

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