Saturday, June 9, 2007

Colossal Comic # 36

Colossal Comic #36, February 1966
Cover artist: Hart Amos

Superboy The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy: The Return of Jor-El and Lara/The Voyage To New Krypton!/The Orphan of Steel!
Otto Binder/John Sikela
(Superboy #74, July 1959)

Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: The Invisible Batman
Bill Woolfolk/Lew Schwartz/Charles Paris
(Detective Comics #199, September 1953)

We Discovered the Edge of the World
Nick Cardy
(My Greatest Adventure #18, November-December 1957)

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: The Super Nose for News
Otto Binder/Curt Swan/Ray Burnley
(Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #32, October 1958)

Curious Names of Western Mines
Morris Waldinger
(House of Secrets #13, October 1958)

I Died A Thousand Times
Jack Kirby
(My Greatest Adventure #16, July-August 1957)

Green Arrow: The Curse of the Wizard's Arrow!
Lee Elias
(Adventure Comics #261, June 1959)

Superman: Jimmy Hits the Jackpot
Otto Binder/Curt Swan/Ray Burnley
(Superman #121, May 1958)

Three Fearful Wishes
Jim McArdle
(House of Mystery #65, August 1957)

Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: The Mystery Seeds from Space
Sheldon Moldoff/Charles Paris
(Batman #124, June 1959)

Dream Girl
Bob Brown
(House of Mystery #69, December 1957)

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: The Son of Superman
Otto Binder/Curt Swan/Ray Burnley
(Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #30, August 1958)

The Menace of the Maze
Mort Meskin/George Roussos
(House of Mystery #70, January 1958)

Superman: Superman's New Power!
Wayne Boring/Stan Kaye
(Superman #125, November 1958)

Green Arrow: The Green Arrow's Mystery Pupil
Lee Elias
(Adventure Comics #259, April 1959)

Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: The Secret of the Everglades
Bill Finger/Sheldon Moldoff/Charles Paris
(Batman #123, April 1959)

The Microscopic Man
Ruben Moreira
(House of Mystery #68, November 1957)

Superman: The Lady and the Lion
Otto Binder/Wayne Boring/Stan Kaye
(Action Comics #243, August 1958)

Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: The Fugitive Batman
Bill Finger/Sheldon Moldoff/Stan Kaye
(Batman #123, April 1959)

Plus a number of fillers: Professor Eureka, Dr. Floogle, Lefty Looie, Warden Willis, Peter Puptent Explorer, Moolah the Mystic, Science says your Wrong if you Believe That....

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