Friday, June 15, 2007

Colossal Comic # 8: ...and the Hart Amos reproductions just keep on comin'...

The cover for Colossal Comic #8 is another Hart Amos adaptation, this time from World’s Finest Comics #41, July-August 1949 (see comparison on the AusReprints site). The figures have been rearranged slightly, and Batman is kneeling on one knee rather than just bending forward, but it is basically the same image.

It supports the working theory that the Amos template was indebted to the World’s Finest Comics model. To my eye the Superman face looks like Amos even though the bodies do not look like his regular soft and puffy bodies. It appears he followed the source material quite closely even as he adapted it.

Again it begs the question: why adapt the cover image rather than use the original? In the discussion on Century The 100 Page Comic Monthly #9 it was suggested that the colouring may have been the reason. I can certainly see that being the case for Century #9, but it doesn’t apply in the case of Colossal #8 and World’s Finest Comics #41.

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