Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Fastest Gun Western

There is a small hole on the top right hand corner where the issue number should be, but that didn’t worry me. I recognized this as the first issue of The Fastest Gun Western anyway, without needing to confirm it via print on the spine. Not that I recall seeing a copy before, but hours misspent poring over old K.G. Murray comics advertisements when I was a kid meant instant recall when the quick decision had to be made whether to purchase this copy or not.

Up until a week or so ago I didn’t own any Fastest Gun Western issues – I have had some over the years, but always traded them or sold them – but, on the heels of a purchase in the last week, a neat bunch of early issues fell into my lap this morning, and it’s hard to resist such well preserved specimens (the hole mentioned above on #1 is the only fault to speak of in the whole bunch!)

The contents of the early issues appear to follow a pattern. The lead feature is Vandalia West by George Dollart (this is the only Google link I could find…) and Marculeta (I assume I have the right artist here…). The back-up features are generally a mix of Two-Gun Kid or Rawhide Kid reprints, or other similar Marvel material.

At some point Vandalia West is dropped in favour of Jackaroe as the lead feature. The credits say Robert O’Neill, presumably the writer, and art by Dibujos de Dalfiume (who may or may not also be Gianni Dalfiume, a Charlton war comics circa 1967-68).

The title later becomes Charlton-centric in it’s contents.

I don’t pretend to know much about this series or the lead contents, I’m just briefly laying out some of the information I’ve gleaned from browsing though them this morning and the obligatory Google hit.

The main reason I looked at them in the first place was on the off-chance of scoring some Alex Toth reprints, but I reckon I cashed that paydirt voucher a week ago, and I’ll let you know all about that one tomorrow.

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