Monday, May 5, 2008

Renegade Raiders

In the early 1980’s Murray Comics published numerous magazine-sized one-off titles. The bulk of them would be superhero-related issues – titles such as Dr. Fate or Superman and Manhunter from Mars. Along with the superhero titles came a variety of other genres, such as horror eg. Shock and Suspense! and Carnival of Fear; science fiction/adventure eg. Space Adventures and Space Warriors; and war eg. Men in Combat and Army Attack.

There were also a number of westerns published, some with recognizable characters carrying the titles such as Cheyenne Kid, Pow-Wow Smith and Tomahawk, as well as generic titles such as Trail Blazers of the West, Epic Western Action and Western Action and Adventure.

Renegade Raiders is another such 1980’s Murray Comics one-off. The cover looks like it might be a Spanish painted illustration with K.G. Murray text overlays. The contents range from recognizable features such as Cheyenne Kid, Texas Rangers in Action and Billy the Kid, to a number of nondescript Charlton-esque stories, to even a Spanish instalment. It is not uncommon to find Spanish westerns in various Gredown titles, but I am surprised to find one slotted into a K.G. Murray title. (Then again, I'm no expert on the westerns, so maybe it's not so uncommon).

Anyway, it's another little-known western to add to your wants lists!

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