Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will the real World's Finest Comic Monthly #13 please stand up...?

Here it is - the long-sought-after cover to World's Finest Comic Monthly #13!

I know there are a few of you KGManiacs out there who will be rapt to finally see this cover. It's been the subject of speculation for a quite a while now.

Indeed, not so long ago, a crude yet effective cut-and-paste fake-alternate-proxy of this issue was in circulation, courtesy of moi... we had no idea what the real one looked like, so I mocked something up which could have plausibly been a facsimile of the real thing... I took a punt on an unreprinted DC Flash cover of the period... and some did think it was the real thing on first look... I got my cheapies out of that... mischief is contagious in the junkyard... all of which only whet the appetite and anticipation for the real thing... and so I naturally assumed the duty and responsibility to present the real thing in due course, to compensate for my indiscretion and giggles...

And if you think the real thing looks good on the blog, well, I assure you, it looks even better in my collection, as this issue completes my run of this series!

Of course, there are still a few poor condition issues which really need an upgrade, and even a coverless rebound issue in primo Gigantic Annual real estate which has been holding up its end of the bargain for a good while now...

Oh, and if you still can't tell the real one from the fake, you should either take more pills, or stop them altogether!

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mcannon said...

Congratulations on completing the run, Spiros - and for allowing the rest of us to finally see what this long-speculated-upon cover!

I'll be interested to eventually learn of the full contents.

However, I think I prefer your mock-up cover - at least it looks in better condition! : )