Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scary Stories Annual revisited

Some time ago I noted my Scary Stories Annual contained a coverless rebound copy of Haunted Love NN, but at that stage I had not identified the other two issues in this volume. I can now confirm my copy includes the following issues in the following order:

Haunted Love NN:

Nightmare... or Reality:

I... The Cursed:

For some reason I... The Cursed is bound upside down and back to front.

While I'm on Scary Stories Annual, check out James' detective work on the cover image for a great range of international issues which have featured this cover image:


James said...

My copy of this issue has two of those three issues (with Unexpected replacing Haunted Love). This is an extreme case of dumping leftover inventory onto the market as new product -- the stockpile of left over issues must have been transferred from Murray Publishers when the rights were sold to the Federal Publishing Company.

It is also interesting that the devil on the cover is a specific character in the German "John Sinclair" novel series -- Belphegor. There is another painting of the character on a Gredown cover around the same time - Pact with the Devil.

spiros xenos said...

Oh, nice pickup on Pact With The Devil - I'm now going to be on Belphegor alert! Thanks!