Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gredown's Sorcery #2: An Alex Toth starter pack

Some time ago I attempted to catalogue all the Alex Toth reprints which appeared in various K.G. Murray titles. If you do a search for "Alex Toth" on this blog you'll find a number of posts in this regard.

What I didn't do at the time is consider the Toth reprints in Gredown magazines. I still don't have a complete list but for the moment I'd like to flag Sorcery #2:

This issue contains two Toth reprints - ...If I Were King, and The Man Who Tried To Kill Death.

...If I Were King was later reprinted in Gredown's Claws of Horror, and I'm pretty sure The Man Who Tried To Kill Death appeared in Duel of Death.

And while I'm at it, A Job Well Done appears in Strange Experience #5, later reprinted in Skulls of Death.

Hardly a complete list, of course, but something of a starter pack if you're so inclined.

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