Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Mighty Thor Giant 100 Page Annual by Newton Comics

Newton Comics' The Mighty Thor Giant 100 Page Annual was published in 1975* and reprints the main Thor features - not the backups - from Journey into Mystery #'s 113, 117, 120-123.

The cover is a recoloured reprint of Journey into Mystery #120:

The first story reprinted in this issue is A World Gone Mad! from Journey into Mystery #113. However, instead of beginning with the splash page to this story...

...the Newton reprint begins with a black and white reprint of the cover to Journey into Mystery #113:

Newton Comics published quite a few Thor stories from the Journey into Mystery run, mainly as backups in their The Amazing Spider-Man title, and in the two issues of The Mighty Thor which were published in 1976. A few also appeared in various one-shots and specials.

Update 24/2/2019: When I posted this entry in April 2017 I had an incomplete copy of this issue. It was missing the rear cover. At the time I based the date on the indicia which states in part "Copyright 1975 by Newton Comics Pty. Ltd." Even with this information I asterisked the date in the entry. My copy had a 6 marked on the cover, presumably by the newsagency. This would mean the issue was published c.March 1975, which would be manifestly incorrect, so I knew the 1975 date warranted further investigation. In October 2018 I purchased an upgraded complete copy. I have since completed some research on the advertisements on the outer covers and can confirm this issue was published March 1977. This accords with the newsagency dating. In due course I will index this issue fully.

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