Sunday, August 20, 2017

Heart to Heart Annual and Twin Hearts Annual

Longtime readers of this blog know of my love of compilations of coverless rebound comics - long-running K.G. Murray series such as Mammoth Annual and Gigantic Annual, but also short-run series such as Young Love Romances, and one-off issues such as Scary Stories Annual and All Love Romantic Stories.

So it was with pleasure and fascination that I recently came across two other such series from K.G. Murray which I had not been aware of: Heart to Heart Annual and Twin Hearts Annual. I don't know how they managed to escape my attention until now, given they were documented on - in the case of Heart to Heart Annual almost 10 years ago! - but they did.

The interesting thing about these issues is they are compilations of digest-sized issues. It's the only such series of digest-sized issues that I'm aware of. 

My copies are as follows:

 Heart to Heart Annual #2, $0.30 cover price
Heart to Heart Romance Library #155
Unidentified [cover story Clinging Vine]
Twin Hearts #156, April 1971

Twin Hearts Annual #1, $0.30 cover price
Heart to Heart Romance Library #165
Heart to Heart Romance Library #164
Twin Hearts #167

As per, these issues appear to have been published end of 1972.

I would love to find that there is a companion edition related to another K.G. Murray digest-sized series, Superman Super Library - but there ain't.

There are a few other such series of coverless rebound comics published in Australia. I've even taken to picking up editions of the U.K Double Double series of silver age comics. I'll review some of my editions in a future post.

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