Friday, August 25, 2017

All Star Adventure Comic: The collection completed!

In 2008 I owned 86 issues of All Star Adventure Comic. It has taken 10 years to source the 10 issues I needed to complete the series, and the issue which has finally completed my run is All Star Adventure Comic #46:

There are certain issues I would like to upgrade, but by and large it's a collection which is in very reasonable condition. There is one issue which is incomplete - it is missing the four pages in the middle of the comic - but I also have a coverless copy of it rebound in an issue of Mammoth Annual, so I'm deeming it complete for my immediate purposes.

All Star Adventure Comic morphed into Superman Presents Superboy Comic with the 97th issue - in tandem with the second Planet Comics logo - and I have the complete run of that series too.

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