Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dracula #5: More Newton errata

Here's an in-house advertisement for Dracula #5:

All well and good, but the buggers have mistakenly used the cover image to Dracula #6:

This is the cover to the Dracula #5:

The muckup may be related to the fact that the main feature in Newton's Dracula #5 reprints the cover and main feature from Tomb of Dracula #6, at which point the alignment between the Newton and Marvel editions was derailed, and would be exacerbated in a few issues time. The alignment between the editions was initially compromised with Dracula #2 which was, in effect, a 'skip' issue, as the two editions did manage to get back on track for the next couple of issues but, as we can see, this was to be a shortlived correction. 

I'm rather fond of such Newton errata, and the Dracula series is quite the goldmine in this regard, beginning with Dracula #1.

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