Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Newton Comics' The Invincible Iron Man #2

This is the cover of Newton Comics' The Invincible Iron Man #2:

It originally appeared on the cover of Marvel Comics' Iron Man #4:

The story contents are as follows:

Unconquered is the Unicorn!, originally published in Iron Man #4, August 1968
From the Void Of Space Comes... The Super Skrull! [Part 2], originally published in Marvel's Space-Born Superhero! Captain Marvel #2, June 1968 

Unconquered is the Unicorn! appears to have been reprinted complete and intact.

This is the first page of From the Void of Space Comes... The Super Skrull [Part 2]:

In order to accommodate the title the bottom portion of the first tier of panels has been cropped. Compare to a scan of the same page in Page Publications' Captain Marvel #1:

At least the cropping by the Newton editor was a bit more sensitive to readers trying to follow the plot and narration compared to other such instances.

The poster in this issue is The Amazing Spider-Man:

This is a modified version of the cover on Marvel Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #128, and also appeared as a poster in Daredevil #2. It was later used on the cover of Newton Spectacular: The Amazing Spider-Man.   

This issue contains the following in-house advertisements:

Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner #1

The Incredible Hulk #15

This issue includes two letters pages, a Captain America iron-on transfer, and a competition with the inexplicable expiry date 31 January 1976.

This issue is cover-dated March 1976 and is the final issue in the series.

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