Friday, April 27, 2007

Batman # 132

Batman #132, May 1976
Cover artist: Ernie Chua

Batman: Batman's Greatest Failure!
Mike Fleisher/Rick Buckler/Bernie Wrightson
Batman #265, July 1975

Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: The Round-Robin Death Threats
Gardner Fox/Carmine Infantino/Sid Greene
Detective Comics #366, August 1968

Heroes Who Wouldn't Die!
Bob Rozakis/ Various artists
The Brave and the Bold #116, December 1974-January 1975

Batman with Robin The Boy Wonder: Where There's A Will--There's A Slay!
Gardner Fox/Carmine Infantino/Sid Greene
Detective Comics #367, September 1967

Plus a couple of fillers: Sale Men's Shoes Today Only and Beware of the Thing

PS A few days ago I began discussing issues of Giant Batman Album, which I intended to pursue, but as often happens with these K.G. Murray series, one thing leads to another, and rather than just looking at a few Giant Batman Album issues I've been led to review various issues of Tip Top Comic Monthly, Batman and Bumper Batcomic... So even though it's taking a bit longer to compile and put together a neat narrative, I think it will be worth the extra effort as it's bringing up some interesting little details which I'm keen to share. In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots of the Batman issues circa 1976 - I'll be referring to them shortly in my review, just as soon as I doublecheck some theories, cross some T's, dot some I's, banish some question marks, and dump some emphatic and unrepentant exclamation marks at strategic points!

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