Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Hundred Comic Monthly # 16

The Hundred Comic Monthly #16, circa February 1958

Wonder Woman: The Eagle Who Caged People!
Robert Kanigher/Harry G. Peter
(Wonder Woman #91, July 1957)

Tomahawk: Tomahawk's Little Brother
Fred Ray
(Tomahawk #43, September 1956)

The Book That Bewitched
Joe Maneely/Joe Sinnott
(House of Mystery #68, November 1957)

The Wyoming Kid: The Riddle of Needle Point!
Gardner Fox/Howard Sherman
(Western Comics #66, November-December 1957)

The Man Who Owned The Earth!
Otto Binder/Sid Greene/Joe Giella
(Mystery In Space #35, December-January 1957)

Pinky and Winky: (untitled) - (begins with "A luxury cruise!...")
(Original unidentified, 5 pages)

John Jones Manhunter from Mars: The Martian Without A Memory
Joe Certa
(Detective Comics #248, October 1957)

Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane: The Jilting of Superman
Otto Binder/Wayne Boring/Stan Kaye
(Showcase #10, September-October 1957)

The Green Arrow: The Imprisoned Archer
George Papp
(World's Finest Comics #88, May-June 1957)

Roy Raymond TV Detective: The Fabulous Fabric
Ruben Moreira
(Detective Comics #248, October 1957)

Tommy Tomorrow: The Riddle of the Space Rainbow
Otto Binder/Jim Mooney
(Action Comics #232, September 1957)

The Trigger Twins: The Decoy Sheriff!
Robert Kanigher/Carmine Infantino/Joe Giella
(All-Star Western #97, October-November 1957)

The Magic Pass
Howard Purcell/Mort Meskin
(House of Secrets #6, September-October 1957)

Little Allergy: (untitled) - (begins with "Here are your books, Allergy!")
(Original unidentified, 4 pages)

The Indian Boy Who Turned Into A Star!
Alvin Schwartz/Mort Drucker
(Jimmy Wakely #17, May-June 1952)

The Spaceman of 1,000 Disguises!
Otto Binder/Sid Greene/Joe Giella
(Strange Adventures #81, June 1957)

Plus a couple of Jerry The Jitterbug and Chief Hot Foot fillers.

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