Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mighty The 100-Page Comic! #14

Mighty The 100-Page Comic! #14, December 1959
Cover art: Gil Kane/Bernard Sachs

Adam Strange: Mystery of the Mental Menace!
Gardner Fox/Mike Sekowsky/Joe Giella
(Showcase #19, March-April 1959)

The Lair of the Dragonfly!
Bernard Baily
(House of Secrets #19, April 1959)

Tomahawk: The Great Indian Bank Robberies
Fred Ray
(Tomahawk #60, January-February 1959)

The Flash: The Super-Gorilla's Secret Identity!
John Broome/Carmine Infantino/Joe Giella
(The Flash #108, August-September 1959)

The Creeping Creatures of Steel
George Roussos
(House of Secrets #23, August 1959)

Wyoming Kid: The Riddle Robber!
Gardner Fox/Howard Sherman
(Western Comics #73, January-February 1959)

The Human Hurricane
Mort Meskin/George Roussos
House of Mystery #88, July 1959

Wonder Woman: The Stamps of Doom!
Robert Kanigher/Ross Andru/Mike Esposito
Wonder Woman #108, August 1959

The Lighthouse in the Sky!
Howard Purcell
(Tales of the Unexpected #40, August 1959)

Foley of the Fighting 5th: Warning to Fort Desolation!
John Broome/Howard Sherman
(All-Star Western #103, October-November 1958)

Knights of the Galaxy: Outcast of Lost World!
Dion Anthony/Carmine Infantino/Joe Giella
(Mystery In Space #5, December-January 1951)

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