Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Alex Toth Reprint Stocktake Part 6

I hear from one of my fellow K.G. Murray Toth-watchers that the Robert Kanigher/Alex Toth story "White Devil... Yellow Devil!" which originally appeared in Star Spangled War Stories #164, 1972, is reprinted in Army at War, a 96 page $0.95 cover price Murray Comics one-shot circa 1980.

I don’t have a copy of this issue but I recommend checking out this review with accompanying page scans. I’m sure this Toth piece is as compelling in its black and white incarnation as I’ve come to expect from Toth reprints, but looking at these scans I’m also reminded just how well his art comes up when coloured appropriately - I know not everyone is enamoured of the 'muddy muted tones' approach to colouring, but in the right hands it can be just the subtle touch required. Not sure how often this story has been reprinted, but I’m willing to bet it looks best on an old tanned comics page - at least that's what I expect based on these scans.

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