Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Rats: Delta 99

Based on the cover The Rats appears to be another regular Gredown horror/sorcery issue, but it is in fact a dedicated Delta 99 issue.

Delta 99 were also featured in Strange Mission of the Weird Brain (see cover image here). Check out Kevin Patrick’s blog for more information on Gredown features such as Delta 99 and 5 and the Infinite, including details of some interesting local editions and their publishing origins.

I showed this issue to Kevin a week ago and he says the cover looks like the work of Phil Belbin. So many of the Gredown horror covers featured generic ‘adult horror’ images but in this case it certainly appears to be specially commissioned as it is based on images appearing in the first story.

“The Rats” is the name of the first 24-page installment, and the second is titled “Super-Delta”.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta go hunting for that issue, too. I love Gimeinez's work. Very Euro-illustative with passion much like Maroto. Hey, does anyone know if the Atlas Destructor stuff ever appeared in black and white in Oz? Thanks for putting up with my missive.