Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Gredown Horror Comics List

Well, it’s taken some 6 months or so, but I can now confirm 250 Gredown horror comics titles!

Avenging Spirit
Awesome Apparitions
Beyond Help
Bite of the Scorpion
Bite of the Vampire
Black Doom
Black Havoc
Black Legend, The
Black Spectre
Black Terror
Blade of Fear 1-8
Blind Despair
Blind Terror
Blood Plague, The
Brute, The
Buried Alive!
Call From Beyond
Call of the Monsters
Chain of Pain
Charons of Hell
Chill of Fear
Chills of the Supernatural
Claw of Pain
Claws of Horror
Crawling Horror
Crawling Terror
Creepy Things
Cruel Beyond
Cry of the Werewolf 1-5
Crypt of Creatures 1-6
Crypt of Souls
Curse of Doom
Curse of No Return
Daunting Images
Deeds of the Diabolical
Deadly Horror Stories
Deadly Mayhem
Deadly Omen
Deathly Horrors
Death Rattle
Death Wish
Deeds of the Diabolical
Demon is a Hag, The 1
Demon Phantoms, The 1-2
Demons Revenge
Descent to Horror
Devil's Brood
Devil's Doom 1-3
Devil's Dilemma
Devil's Inferno
Devil's Seed, The
Devil's Triangle, The 1-8
Doom Zone
Doorway to Doom
Dreaded Werewolf Tales
Dread of the Dead
Dread of the Unknown
Edge of Fear
Empty Tomb, The
Endless Torment
Eternal Hell
Evil Eye, The
Evil Ones, The
Evil Shadows
Evil Trap, The
Evil Winds of Death 1-4
Eyes of Night
Face of Doom
Fanged Monster, The
Fate of Death
Fearful Fancies
Fearful Forces
Fearful Freaks
Fearful Spectres
Fearful Tales of the Occult 1-3
Fearsome Stories
Fear Zone
Fiends and Demons
Fiends and Things
Fiends of Frenzy
Fingers of Doom
Fingers of Fear
Flight Into Peril
Forbidden Tales
Forever Dead
Foul Winds of Fear
Frantic with Fear
Fright! 1-3
Future Shock!
Ghastly Encounters
Ghost Dancers
Ghost Panic
Ghostly Ghouls
Ghostly Horrors
Ghostly Shadows
Ghostly Villains
Ghosts and Ghouls 1-7
Ghosts of Terror
Ghouls from the Grave
Ghoul Tales 1-2
Grave Ghost's Tales 1-4
Grim Ghostly Stories
Grip of Death
Grinning Skull
Grotesque, The
Gruesome Nightmare
Hand of Death
Haunted Horror 1
Haunting Images
Hell Bent Destruction
Hell Fire
Hell Pit
Hell's Doorway
Hideous Haunts
Horror Encounters 1-3
Horror Experience 1
Horror in the Dungeon
Horror Tales of Vampires
Horror Unleashed
Ill Fated, The
Infernal Nightmare
Jaws of the Deep 1-4
Kiss of Death 1-2
Knife Edge
Living Horrors
Living Nightmare
Loathsome Ghosts
Macabre Destiny
Macabre Monsters
Mad Fear
Malignant Forces
Maze of Monsters 1-4
Midnight Terror
Mind Possessed
Monsters from Hell 1-3
Monsters Incorporated
Morlock 2001
Night Creature
Night Without End
Orgy of Destruction
Out of this World 1-2
Pact with the Devil
Panic Struck
Panther's Revenge
Peril Below
Phantom Fear
Phantoms of Evil 1-5
Pit of Evil 1-13
Plague of Vampires
Planet Doom 1-2
Planet of the Spirits
Planet of Vampires 1-6
Portrait of Peril
Princes of Darkness
Prison of Fear 1-4
Pure Panic 1-3
Pure Madness
Rampage of Demons 1-2
Ramparts of Evil 1-2
Reign of Terror
Return from Death
Road to Disaster
Satan's Corpse
Satan's Disciples
Screaming Terror
Secrets of the Supernatural 1-2
Shadow of Death
Shadows of Doom
Sheer Panic
Shock and Dilemma
Shriek of Despair
Shriek of the Dead
Shrouds of Mystery
Shuddering Fear
Shudder Tales 1-6
Sinister Spectres
Skulls of Death
Sorcery 1-4
Spells of Blackness
Spirit's Den
Spirits from the Unknown 1-2
Spirits of Misfortune, The
Spooks of Terror
Stark Fear 1-4
Storm Forces
Strange Encounters
Strange Experience 1-10
Strange Macabre Tales 1
Strange Mission of the Weird Brain
Strange Romance
Tales of the Forbidden
Tales of Horror 1-10
Tales of the Mystic
Tales of the Zombie
Tales of Torment 1-3
Tarantula, The
Temple of the Dead
Tentacles of Terror
Terror Madness
Terror Trail
Terror Under the Sea
Terror Unleashed 1-2
Thirst of Blood
This Comic is Haunted 1-6
Thriller Tales
Toll of Doom
Tomb of Ghosts
Tombstone Terror
Tortured Mind
Underground, The
Undreamed of Horrors
Vampire Havoc
Vampire Killers
Vampire Mania
Vampires of Death 1
Vampire Panic
Vampire Scare
Vault of Demons 1-8
Vault of Fear
Vault of Ghosts
Vengeance of the Vampires 1
Vengeful Corpse
Victim of the Vampire
Vile Monstrosities
Vile Tales of Havoc
Visions of Doom
Voodoo 1-2
Voodoo Tales TBC
Voyage to Death
Weird Experience 1
Weird Tales of the Macabre 1-7
Weird Tales of Werewolves 1-3
Werewolf Fangs of Horror
Werewolf Prowls, The
Wicked Witchs' Tales 1-2
Wild Fear!
Witches Cauldron 1-4
Zombies From Below

The majority of the issue numbers have also been confirmed, but note some are assumed in order to complete a sequence.

I also expect two or three of the titles above are not so much horror titles as sci-fi, adventure or sorcery titles.

Speaking of which, I’ve noted a few non-horror Gredown titles too:

Strange Tales of the Wild West
Wild Western Action
Space Wars
Raiders of the Lost Earth
Battle Strike Action
The Rats featuring Delta 99
Demons of the Deep featuring Five and the Infinite
The Zombies featuring Delta 99
Bullet Western
Hell Rider 1-2

Some of these are probably deemed horror hybrid genres (Hell Rider, the Delta 99 issues), but I'm keeping them separate for now as they are also ongoing serial features - I expect Morlock 2001 probably belongs to this list too.

So keep the lists and updates and comments and corrections coming, and I'll keep updating the checklist. I'll also be adding a few more indexed issues soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Spiros,
my husband's parents found his comics under their house & we found some more titles to add to your gredown list, they are- "Plague of terror #2", "Haunted Horror #2", "Ravages od evil", "Fiends from the abyss #1", & "Spectre of hell" I can scan the covers for you if you wish, just let me know what email address to send them to. How many titles are you up to now? cheers, Michelle & Rod

spiros xenos said...

Thank you very much Michelle and Rod. I'd like to see the cover scans for Spectre of Hell and Ravages of Evil. Please email to The latest count is 167 horror titles. I'll be updating it on the blog soon. Cheers!