Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mammoth Annual # 8

The 'genuine' Mammoth Annual #8 is also a curious cover image in its own right. Offhand it looks like another regular Australian image – especially the prominent Superman figure and the Batman figure in the background – however many of the figures also look like Curt Swan illustrations. It may be that an original Swan illustration was adapted.

It’s also odd that it features some Legion of Super-Heroes characters, and this may be a clue to identifying the original image. The older gent in the rear is unknown to me, maybe that is also a hint. So if any of you eagle-eyed forensics experts out there have any suggestions as to the original source of this image, or segments of it, drop me a note.

My copy contains the following rebound issues:
Superman Supacomic #89, January 1967
Superman Supacomic #90, February 1967
Superman Presents Wonder Comic Monthly #23, March 1967

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Michael said...

The crowd on the left is from the cover to Action Comics 309 (with some miscolored characters). I couldn't find where the image of Superman and Lois dancing is from - I checked the covers to "Superman", "Action Comics", and "Lois Lane" and no luck.