Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Alex Toth Reprint Stocktake Part 8

A couple more Alex Toth reprints:

Who is Haunting the Haunted Chateau?
Weird War Tales #10, January 1973
Also reprinted: DC Special Series #18, Fall 1979
Terror Tales Album #10

The Great Dimensional Brain Swap
House of Secrets #48, September 1961
Aso reprinted: House of Secrets #96, February-March 1972
Haunted Tales #35

The latter has the better title, but the former is the better piece of work.

Also like to mention I picked up another Toth comic – The Witching Hour #11 – which features the story The Mark of the Witch as well as framing sequences by Toth.

This is the sort of sample (see image above) I was referring to previously when I mentioned the suitability of muted tones to Toth’s art, especially on older printed comics. I know the style is not to everyone’s taste, but for me it is enough to warrant seeking various printings or editions of in order to fully appreciate the art. Or rather, to fully experience the variety.

I guess it’s analogous to the fetish over different mixes and pressings of favourite records... just to equate meaningful junk with meaningful junk.

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