Saturday, August 18, 2007

Super Heroes Album #18 - The Missing Issue

Is there a Super Heroes Album #18? I haven’t seen a copy, and after asking around this week and drawing a blank on confirmed sightings I’m willing to bet there wasn’t one published.

It’s difficult to provide proof of an absence of course, but I’ve reviewed the contents of the issues close to #18 and I don’t see any evidence of a gap.

The series kicked off in 1976 as Super Heroes for the first two issues before changing to Super Heroes Album with #3, and cover-featured Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes which had previously been appearing regularly in All Star Adventure Comic.

The series converted to a Justice League of America series with issue #15. This issue reprinted the US Justice League of America #150, continuing the K.G. Murray Justice League reprints which had been appearing in Super Adventure Album until #14 reprinting JLA #’s 147 and 148. JLA #149 was obviously lost in the transition, but was slotted into Super Action Album #15 (which, just to confuse things, actually picked up the issue numbering from Super Adventure Album!)

After issue #15, Super Heroes Album reprinted the JLA stories in sequential order for issue #’s 16, 17, 19 and 20. Indeed #19 reprints the JLA features from #’s 153 and 154, suggesting that the skipped issue may have been noticed by the K.G. Murray editors after all, but not in time to correct the issue numbering.

After #20, the final issue of the series, the JLA stories appeared in a variety of one-shots and series. Tracking the JLA reprints in the K.G. Murray titles is a task in itself and which I will probably get around to some day (James has already made a great start on this tracking).

But that’s for later. For now, if anyone does happen to have a copy of Super Heroes Album #18, send me the details and I’ll gladly retract my claim. Until then, I reckon you can all scratch that issue off your wants list.

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