Friday, November 16, 2007

Do Lost Excel Gredown Files Dream of Electric Pits of Evil?

The junkyard experienced a little accident this week involving a freezing iTunes program which, to cut a long story short, amongst other things, resulted in the loss of of an excel file. Much of the data on the file can be stitched together again, but the main loss was my master file on the confirmed and unconfirmed Gredown horror titles and issue numbers. It also contained updated notes on a few titles I had been advised of recently.

It’s not a completely tragic loss. I do have back-ups of older versions of this file which I can access. But it does mean that some recently confirmed titles or issue numbers will have to be sighted again before the file is updated, and it does mean I ask anyone who sent me data in the last two months or so (especially after the Grand Final!) to please resend it to me (especially Danny, when you’re back!).

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