Sunday, November 18, 2007

Superman Supacomic # 202: The Bargearse Pedigree

Poor ol’ Lucky… looks like not even his Superman Supacomic #202 can help with that hangover or bad curry… reckon there’s a bit of VB-induced Bargearse farting going on in that scene… Hey, kid – wanna Bargearse Pedigree copy of Superman Supacomic #172…? And yes, as it turns out, it’s the final issue of the series… Coincidence or Providence?

Pic courtesy of Mark Cannon

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mcannon said...

Spiros, love the “Bargearse” item. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to spot his fine taste in reading material when I saw the DVD the screen capture is taken from.

However, I have to clarify that in the show, Bargearse / Bluey’s preferred tipple seemed to be not VB, but the products of the long-departed Courage Breweries.

Courage was a local branch of the huge British brewery of that name. They established an Australian operation in the late 60s, primarily aimed at the Victorian and (to a lesser extent) NSW markets. They never really cracked the domination of CUB in Victoria and Tooheys and Tooths in NSW, and sold out to one of the NSW Big Two (I think it may have been Tooths) around 1980 - (probably not long before Tooths itself was taken over by CUB). Before too long the Courage brands were phased out.

Courage’s local push wasn’t helped by the fact that, while they had a large product line, they made truly appalling beers. Somehow though, they seemed to get their products featured in TV and films quite a bit. The early ‘70s Aussie film “Stork”, for example, which featured a lot of beer drinking – and regurgitating - featured Courage beers. I assume the brewery probably supplied it free in return for the promotion.

When I first came to Canberra in 1977 to attend University, Courage had an exclusive licence to supply beer to the campus bars. The standing joke was that the brewery was well named, as it took a lot of courage to drink their products....

It’s sort of appropriate that this was the featured beer in “Bluey”, though. Nothing says “Bad 1970s Aussie cop show” quite like “Bluey”, and to me, nothing says “Bad 1970s Aussie beer” quite like Courage.