Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Superman Supacomic # 170: Another 'splash page cover'

Here’s another cover like Superman Supacomic #97 which, for some reason, features a modified reprint of the splash page rather than opting for the image provided on the original US comic.

In this example it’s a doubly curious decision given this issue includes two of the instalments in the rather odd and rambling saga of Billy Anders (which I won’t bother trying to lay out here… there’s plenty of other sites which entangle themselves in this if you’re keen to google) and he happens to feature on the Superman #253 cover.

But I guess the image chosen looks a bit more action-oriented than the Superman #253 version.

And given the series had recently received a bit of a spruce-up with a slightly modified masthead effective from #166 (yes, you have to look closely!) to go with the new Planet Comics logo, well, maybe the sub-editors were just a bit keen to have some input into the presentation of the series.

And who would begrudge them wanting a bit of a say in how Superman Supacomic presented itself?. After all, it was the unofficial flagship title of the K.G. Murray stable!

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