Monday, June 30, 2008

The Demon in Doomsday Album

Some time ago someone asked me which Australian series and issues reprinted Jack Kirby’s The Demon series. I knew I’d seen some in various issues of Doomsday Album, and could also summon up in my mind's eye some Batman and The Demon team-ups in Batman Albums, but at the time could not say for sure which issues to chase down for a set of reprints of the original series.

I've now completed my run of Doomsday Album, and can at least confirm that the first 8 issues of The Demon were reprinted in Doomsday Album #’s 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 17 and 19. Even though the Doomsday Album issue numbers skip a few beats to get there, The Demon issues are reprinted in sequence.

The Doomsday Album series ended with #19 (well, I haven’t seen any higher numbered issues, so until another turns up…), and I’m unaware of any other reprints of The Demon series in other K.G. Murray series, so it’s possible that only these 8 issues were reprinted, leaving the balance of 8 issues on the shelf. Then again, it’s also possible there are more scattered around in various other K.G. Murray series such as Terror Tales Album, or any number of one-shots.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Spiros, thanks very much for the info posted on the Demon. BTW, he also appeared in that Hellfire one-shot, too, though I'd have to look up which story. I know my new quest now for Kirby Demon material especially the first few appearances. I appreciate again all the information. It's research and material like this that i always enjoy on the blog. Maybe you can find the Gredown Flash Gordon issue. And if you ever find a source for the Yaffa Jungle Jim one-shot, let me know.

Very best,

spiros xenos said...

Neil, it was probably you that asked about The Demon ages ago... Hey, I might take my time, but I don't forget...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Hellfire issue. It appears to me this issue reprints the two Demon features from The Demon #'s 9 and 10.

As Murray were prone to do in this period, they ran consecutive stories together to feign a single long story, so I'd prefer to examine it a bit more closely in case there's any 'corrections' done, but there's 42 pages of The Demon in this issue... If you have the issue and can confirm/compare the contents to the original comics, that'd be great.

Unknown said...

From my list of Australian comics with Kirby material;
HELLFIRE nn (“Whatever happened to Farley Fairfax?”/”The Thing That Screams” r. D 9 & 10)
Tom Morehouse