Friday, June 13, 2008

Terrifying Tales NN - or, Vault of Evil #2

This is a curious Yaffa/Page horror digest issue.

It appears to be an unnumbered issue of Terrifying Tales. However, it may as well be Vault of Evil #2.

It reprints in sequence Vault of Evil #’s 4-6. This suggests there was a previous issue, numbered or otherwise, reprinting Vault of Evil #’s 1-3. However, it’s just as possible that there was a Yaffa/Page Vault of Evil #1, or indeed an unnumbered issue. I say this because I’ve come to expect fidelity from Yaffa/Page reprints, and it’s odd to find that this issue isn’t titled Vault of Evil.

The Vault of Evil series carried text boxes on the splash pages such as "There Is No Escape From The Vault of Evil!". The first one in this issue has been altered to read "Stan Lee Presents: Terrifying Tales". However, the rest has been left intact.

The cover image is a reprint from Vault of Evil #4 This issue also contains a black and white reprint of the cover to Vault of Evil #5.

"Who is the Master?" from Vault of Evil #4 is omitted, otherwise issue #’s 4-6 are reprinted in full.

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