Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vault of Evil #2: Confirmed!

Ah, such a vain pleasure to be proven correct! As I suspected, there was indeed a Yaffa/Page Vault of Evil #2, which was later shrunken and rebadged as the digest-sized Terrifying Tales. The contents are precisely the same, the only difference being the editing of the title blurb on the first story of the digest as already noted.

My thanks to Dillon Naylor who prompted me this morning with the confirmation of another digest issue titled Tomb of Darkness which reprints the US Vault of Evil #’s 7-9, which we may safely assume was previously published by Yaffa/Page as Vault of Evil #3; and another titled Shock Stories which reprints 3 issues of Chamber of Chills. There are at least 4 issues of the Yaffa/Page Chamber of Chills series.

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