Friday, March 2, 2007

Chamber of Chills # 3

Chamber of Chills #3, Yaffa/Page Publications, $0.60 cover price, 1978.

I get the impression Yaffa/Page tried to do things in a relatively orderly fashion.

At least that’s the impression left by sampling Scream #3 and Chamber of Chills #3 from 1978.

This issue reprints Chamber of Chills #7, November 1973; Chamber of Chills #9, March 1974; and 3/4 of Chamber of Chills 8, January 1974.

It goes even further in reprinting the covers to the Marvel comics – the front cover reprints Chamber of Chills #8, January 1974; the back cover reprints the cover to Chamber of Chills #9; and the cover for Chamber of Chills #7 is reprinted on page 9.

In other words, it does its best to present facsimile reproductions of Marvel horror issues, just as Yaffa/Page presented certain Marvel superhero titles. Keep in mind this is the publisher who, in reprinting the consecutive issues of Fantastic Four #’s 208 and 209, numbered the issue – you guessed it - #208-209! As this issue also contains early 1960’s reprints, it’s a good thing they didn’t get too precious in their numbering system! (There are other examples of this multi-issue-numbering fetish from Yaffa/Page such as the Spider-Man issues).

And the cover is also curious in that it does its best to disguise its origins – a small indication of price and issue number are the only intrusions to the cover reproduction - - no publisher’s logo or imprint. They appear to have done their best to pass themselves off as the genuine article!

I’ve listed the Chamber of Chills contents as well as the original sources for this issue.

Death Notice!
(Chamber of Chills #7, November 1973)

Prey for Keeps
Doug Moench/Ron Wilson/Jack Abel
(Chamber of Chills #7, November 1973)

I Am The Prisoner Of The Voodoo King!
Larry Lieber/Gene Colan
(Journey into Mystery #82, July 1962 / Chamber of Chills #7, November 1973)

She Wouldn't Stay Dead!
(Journey Into Mystery #18, October 1954 / Chamber of Chills #8, January 1974)
Note: Original title: "He Wouldn't Stay Dead"

I Wait in the Dungeon!
Sam Kweskin
(Marvel Tales #117, August 1953 / Chamber of Chills #8, January 1974)

Terror in the North!
Don Perlin
(Marvel Tales #117, August 1953 / Chamber of Chills #8, January 1974)

The Man Who Changed
(Uncanny Tales #11, August 1953 / Chamber of Chills #9, March 1974)

I Can't Stop Running!
Mystical Tales #11
(Chamber of Chills #9, March 1974)

One Who Dared
Mort Lawrence
(Mystic #41, November 1955 / Chamber of Chills #9, March 1974)

The Test!
Dick Ayers
(Mystic #41, November 1955 / Chamber of Chills #9, March 1974)

My sources for the credits above are the GCD and various other online sources such as this Marvel Monsters index.


Anonymous said...


Great Site ! and thanks to Mike Wills for pointing it out to me. I quickly went thru my collection and figured I'd add a few to the list..

Devil's Doom #3
Grave Ghost Tales #4
Monster's From Hell #2 (I assume there is a #1)
Phantoms of Evil #3(I assume there is #1 & #2)
Pure Panic #3
Ramparts of Evil #2
Sheer Panic Not Numbered
Shrouds of Mystery Not Numbered
Strange Romance Not Numbered
Vampires of Death #1
Vault of Demons #1 & #7 (assume there are 2-6)
Wicked Witches Tales #2 (assume there is a #1)

Hope this helps and Keep up the Good Work !!!

Tom aka DiscoDadda (eBay Alias)

spiros xenos said...

Thanks for your contribution Tom, I've added these to the list.

Anonymous said...

Found Another...

Claws of Horror NN

Tom aka DiscoDadda

spiros xenos said...

I have already listed Claws of Horror in an update dated Wednesday, March 28, 2007, but thanks anyway, please keep adding any new titles you find. And I'll be redrafting and summarising the full list soon, just a few more titles to get to the 150 benchmark. Cheers!