Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Planet Series 3 No. 9: Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds

Here’s another nifty Planet Series issue with plenty more Space Adventures reprints.

Note Steve Ditko’s “His Own Little World” makes a repeat appearance to the one in the Captain Atom issue – it really should have been bumped for more Captain Atom reprints in that issue. (Now, where’s the rest of my spilt milk…?)

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds, Planet Series 3 No. 9, $0.90 cover price, September 1980.

Cover artist Prieto Muriana

What Is This Space?Charles Nicholas/Vince Colletta
(Space Adventures #7, May 1969)

Silent World(Space Adventures #48, November 1962)

Planet XSteve Ditko
(Space Adventures #6, March 1969)

Unknown Friends
(Space Adventures #46, July 1962)

The Space Officers: The Smugglers of CallistoFrank Frollo/John Belfi
(Space Adventures #2, September 1952)

Revolt of the RobotsJohn Belfi
(Space Adventures #2, September 1952)

The Third PlanetPat Boyette
(Outer Space #1, November 1968)

The Girl Out There!(Outer Space #25, December 1959)

Black Omen
(Original unidentified, 4 pages)

Prison Break on ArcturusCharles Nicholas/Vincent Alascia
(Space Adventures #8, July 1969)

The Planet Which Had Everything--Almost!Charles Nicholas/Vincent Alascia
(Outer Space #1, November 1968)

Lunar RendezvousJoe Gill/Sam Glanzman
(Space Adventures #6, March 1969)

His Own Little WorldSteve Ditko
(Outer Space #1, November 1968)

We Are Among You(Original unidentified, Job Number A-3402, 4 pages)

Forbes ForceCharles Nicholas/Vincent Alascia
(Space Adventures #59, November 1964)

The Isotope Man(Original unidentified, Job Number A-3057, 4 pages)

The Prisoner(Original unidentified, Job Number A-2892, 4 pages)

There is at least one more Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds issue in the Planet Series, which I'll detail soon. There is also a one-shot titled Unexplored Worlds which may be the "Planet Series 4" instalment.

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