Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Detritus by any other name...

Just a few bits and pieces to add today… tidying up dribs and drabs from previous posts… misc. junkyard detritus... loitering flotsam, lost jewels, misremembered promises, scruffy little wishlists...

First up:
I have another early Curt Swan piece to add to the list of early reprints:

The Bravest Man Alive!
House of Mystery #18, September 1953
Wonder Comic Monthly #119, March 1975

Next, a bit more from my offline conversations:

Michael Feldman informs me that he has spoken to Jack Adams (General Manager of Independent News 1939-52) on the phone, and he says that Carroll Rheinstrom was Advertising Director of MacFadden Publications International and was made President at one point.
Thanks Michael!

And, on the topic of behind-the-scenes personnel… I recently scored a copy of K.G. Murray’s Man Junior, cover date April 1963, and found the following information on the back page:

Publisher: Ken G. Murray
Executive Editor: Fred C. Folkard
General Manager and Editor-in Chief: Fred T. Smith
Cartoon Editor: Albert A. Murray
Production Manager: John Hoy
Promotion Manager: John Minnett
Circulation Manager: Doug Spicer
General Advertising Manager: Laurie S. Cottier, Sydney
John P. Blake, Melbourne
Arthur L. Searcy, Adelaide
John N. Penglis, Brisbane

Are these the names we’ve been seeking to answer our comics queries?

Trawling further and farther afield:
An additional title to the Gredown Horror comics List:

Claws of Horror

And a few more issue numbers:

Maze of Monsters 1-2
Planet Doom 1-2

And finally, an update from my UK correspondent, who has confirmed that the Mammoth Annual advertisement did appear in the UK in the November 1957 issues – Superman #92, Super Adventure Comic #90, Superboy #106 (date TBC) and Batman #90 (all UK issue numbers). He adds that these comics were printed in Australia by Sungravure, but with a UK distributor, and that apart from the 6d cover price and the renumbering of Superman, they appear identical in both countries. Therefore, it appears all the ads are for Australian companies, and one could have ordered, for example, a 'Phantom ring' or a variety of magic tricks all by post from Australia. He adds this is all gleaned from personal experience, that is, from looking at the comics he personally purchased in the UK in 1957. Which also means that the advertisement is not in itself proof that the Mammoth Annual was distributed in the UK, as it could just be advertising the issue sold in Australia.

That's all folks!

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