Thursday, August 6, 2009

Magic Moment Romances and Lover's Secrets

Lover's Secrets #'s 125 and 126 surprised me - I was aware of the unnumbered one-shot by the same title, but surely I would have seen one of the previous 124 issues of this series somewhere along the line... And could it just be coincidence that Magic Moment Romances #124 was the highest numbered issue of that series that I'd seen...?

Well, until I see a Magic Moment Romances #125, I'm going to file my Lover's Secrets next to my Magic Moment Romance issues.

And the unnumbered Lover's Secrets and Magic Moment Romances one-shots can vie for the honorary #'s 127 and 128... Maybe a pillowfight can settle it...

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Neil A. Hansen said...

Fascinating run through of Romance Comics. What a great collection you acquired. Good for you, Spiros. Just for curiosity, any nifty ones that stand out artwise? I know Romita did some stuff for DC which was reprinted in the 1970s. Garcia-Lopez's first US work was doing Charlton romance material. The material is great in that the stuff has to look dynamic and inviting without any punches or explosions. Any Toth snuck in there as well?