Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two in One - Another K.G. Murray Format Experiment

In the mid-late 1950's K.G. Murray experimented with the format of their reprint comics. Joining the regular line-up of 24- to 32-page black and white pamphlet issues were a variety of formats: 100-page titles; 148-page titles; colour issues and titles; gray-scale reprints; 292-page volumes of coverless rebound issues; digest-sized issues...

The Two in One series is one of the most curious and short-lived experiments. As the title suggests, the magazine represented twice the value to the consumer by presenting two comics pages side-by-side on the one page in the landscape format. This in itself was not uncommon for K.G. Murray - they would routinely resort to this tactic in the regular pamphlet series for one or more of the back-up features. What was novel was to use this so prominently as the rationale for a new series.

It wasn't very successful. Like the 100-page Color Giant experiment, it appears to have only lasted for a couple of issues. But at least it afforded us another couple of local (Hart Amos!) illustrations featuring popular and minor (almost forgotten - The Dodo and The Frog!) DC Comics characters.

My thanks to David Studham for the great scans.


Robert Thomas said...

Very interesting indeed!

Are the covers reprints or specially drawn Aussie originals?

spiros xenos said...

They look like Hart Amos illustrations to me (though I haven't spotted a signature), and it is possible, indeed likely they are based on U.S covers (see for example my entry on Century #4 on January 8th 2009).