Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Tomb of Dracula: The complete Yaffa cover gallery

May I present, for your pleasure and edification, a complete cover gallery of the Yaffa/Page Publications The Tomb of Dracula series:

The series started c.1978, reprinting the main feature from the US The Tomb of Dracula (1972 series), and ran for 11 issues, the last of which was a reprint of the first issue, with a $1.10 cover price - a well-established pattern by Yaffa.

The first 4 issues and the last issue are regular sized, with 6 digest-sized issues filling out the series.

Newton Comics published a run of this series prior to Yaffa, but Yaffa did not replicate the Newton editions - and I'm glad they didn't, as it meant we got a #1 issue with the classic Neal Adams cover, albeit with an idiosyncratic colour scheme. I like the ghostly white of the castle and the red moon in the background of the Yaffa edition, compared to the dark grey castle and white moon on the original cover.  (And my inner Beatles geek cannot resist pointing out that the castle appears to be floating on a "sky of blue and sea of green"...)

It is possible there is another numbered issue in this series, say a reprint of #2, but I don't think so. More likely to find a retitled, unnumbered, digest-sized edition of #2 or another issue, as per the reprint of #3 as Night of the Vampire.

Thanks to Mark Cannon for supplying a couple of cover scans to complete my gallery, and as always AusReprints from which I sourced the cover to #11.

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