Friday, January 20, 2017

Nightmare Suspense Library #2: The guessing game

Here's another Page Publications digest-size comic I snagged recently - Nightmare Suspense Library #2:

I've checked all my usual sources and I can't find a reference to the original appearance of the story "When Mountains Moved", but I'm going to take a punt and say it originally appeared in Nightmare Suspense Picture Library #10 from MV Features. I say this because the pages include a job number "n10" as a prefix to the page number, and i'm assuming "n" refers "Nightmare" and "10" to the issue number. As per the link, there are two issues missing from the GCD gallery - #'s 10 and 13 - and my guess is that #10 included this story. 

Furthermore I'm guessing that Keith Chatto's cover is based on the original cover, as per other instances of this pattern

Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised to find "When Mountains Moved" has been reprinted elsewhere by Page.

We shall see in due course.


James said...

Consider this a solution half confirmed: Nightmare Suspense Picture Library #10 includes the story "When Mountains Moved" -- it and The Medium are promoted in the previous issues (there were two issues each month, released at the same time. I haven't yet been able to track down a cover image to know whether Keith Chatto based his illustration on it.

One of the mysteries of this UK series is that they all have Australian pricing on the covers, suggesting they were distributed in Australia. I'm yet to come across a stash -- did anyone collect them? Is it possible, though, that Yaffa created their comics from the printed/distributed MV Features issues? It would explain the need for new covers.

spiros xenos said...

Thanks James - good info, and good questions.