Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Captain America #1: The Newton edition

Yaffa advertised the Captain America story The Sleeper Strikes from Captain America #102 on the cover of their Captain America #5 issue in 1980.

A few years earlier Newton Comics published this story as the cover feature of their Historic First Edition of Captain America #1:

This issue also includes the first 5 pages of The Origin Of Captain America from Tales Of Suspense #63. As the GCD entry advises, this version of the origin is identifiable by the renaming of Professor Reinstein from the original version to Dr Erskine.

I expect the remaining 5 pages were reprinted in the next issue, but I don't have a copy to check, and honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if it just went AWOL. Just as it doesn't surprise me that the first Captain America issue by Newton begins with a reprint of Captain America #102 rather than #100. In fact, I don't recall seeing The Monster Unmasked in a Newton edition, but it may be lurking somewhere. I do know that When Wakes the Sleeper from Captain America #101 appeared in segments as a backup feature in Newton's The  Incredible Hulk #'s 9-11, which I suppose justifies a Captain America #1 being based on Captain America #102.

But I digress. It's curious to see The Origin Of Captain America reprinted in this issue. The only contemporaneous U.S printing of this story that I can find is from Giant-Size Captain America #1 from 1975, so presumably this is the source. If I find the other stories in this issue are also reprinted by Newton, that will settle that question.

My copy is missing the poster but I understand from the listing on AusReprints that it was of Dracula #7.

Oh, and to supplement the Captain America iron-on transfer re: Captain America #100, here's the advertisement on the rear cover of this issue:

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