Monday, June 5, 2017

Captain America #100: The Yaffa editions

The iconic cover to Captain America #100 was reproduced, with slight modifications - and a major change to the background colour - by Yaffa for the first issue of their Captain America series:

By my reckoning this was published in December 1977, and reprints the main features from Captain America #'s 100-102 (minus the splash page from Captain America #100).

This issue was reprinted in digest form as Captain America #5:

The cover for this issue was modified to advertise the third story in the issue, The Sleeper Strikes!, in lieu of the Big Premiere Issue! stamp. Such a modification was highly irregular for recycled Yaffa issues but I guess in this instance the motivation is self-evident. I date this issue to December 1980.

It was reprinted again as an unnumbered $0.75 digest-sized issue, with the Big Premiere Issue! boast intact:

This issue would have been published some time after mid-1982.

This cover was reprinted at least one other time by Yaffa, before the $0.75 issue above, as Marvel Super Action #1:

However, in this instance it is not a reprint of Captain America #100, but rather a reprint of Marvel Super Action #1 itself. I say this because the listing for this issue on includes a scan of the splash page to the first story which, as I mentioned above, is missing from the Captain America reprints. This edition also includes some cover reprinting, so it is clearly from a different source to the other Yaffa editions.

I'm not aware of any other Yaffa reprints of this issue, but some if not all of these stories were published in other Australian reprint editions such as Newton's Captain America series.

Of course, readers of a certain vintage are familiar with this image in the context of Newton Comics courtesy of the free iron-on transfers which adorned the rear cover of a number of their issues:

It was also on the cover of Newton's Captain America #3:

As I said: Iconic!


Mark Cannon said...

Thanks for another informative post!

The Captain America stories in the Yaffa "Marvel Super Action" #1 may also each be a page or so shorter than in the issues of "Captain America" in which they originally appeared. That was fairly standard in Marvel's 1970s books that reprint Silver Age material, including "Marvel Super Action", and was probably repeated in the Yaffa MSA (I have a copy of this Yaffa myself, but it isn't handy to check at the moment).

Such editing might account for the appearance of the splash page to "Captain America" #100 in Yaffa MSA #1. Whereas it was omitted in the earlier Yaffa reprints for space reasons, the American trimming of a further page later in the story would have freed up enough space for the splash to be included on this occasion.

spiros xenos said...
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spiros xenos said...

That makes sense, Mark. Cheers.