Saturday, June 17, 2017

War in the Army #4: Atlas/Marvel war comics

Page Publications' War in the Army #4 is a digest-sized war comic reprinting a number of 1950's Marvel war comics with art by the likes of Gene Colan, Joe Orlando, Joe Sinnott and Jerry Robinson, and a cover by Keith Chatto.

It was recycled by Page Publications a few years later, with a new Chatto cover, as Second World War Library #33:

This issue is indexed on AusReprints.

Update 19/6/2018: This issue was published earlier than the above editions by Page Publications, again under a Chatto cover, as Wartime Library #5:

Update 7/11/2019: Here's yet another couple of issues with the same contents, naturally with Chatto covers:

War Stories #2 

War Battle Series #39 

The cover to War Stories #2 is interesting as the cover promotes the second story in the issue, Blockade! (with exclamation mark added). I expect there is at least one more edition of this issue to be unearthed with a $0.20 cover price. 

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